Classic Hip Hop Chains Represent Where Hip Hop has been and where it is Going

Hip Hop Bling’s classic hip hop chains feature some of the most timeless chain styles from decades past. These chains include Figaro chains, rope chains, Cuban curb chains, Mariner Chains and more. We carry all the classic styles in a variety of different sizes to fit just about anyone.


You can see these chains around the necks of the biggest names in hip hop going for thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even at local jewelry stores for roughly the same price. However, when gold and silver are not the core building material, the skyrocketing prices do not affect the price of our jewelry. Our classic hip hop chains are plated with thick coats of pure 24k gold or sterling silver and despite being fashion jewelry, is made with quality and care.


Our chains look and feel like the real deal, they are heavy and durable, yet comfortable enough to wear long term. The only person who will know that they are fake will be you. Only you will know that you paid such a small price for these amazing chains.

Hardly anything represents hip hop more than a Cuban Chain Necklace. Our 15MM Jumbo Gold Plated Cuban Chain is one of the top sellers because it is big, heavy and cheap. For less than a dinner for two you can have this giant shiny chain around your neck with either a 30” or 36” long chain. Check out our other chains as we have one of the largest collections in Hip Hop Jewelry.

Affordable High Quality Fashion Rings for Every Man and Every Occasion


People have a stigma with fashion rings because they tend to be made with smudge metal that bends and breaks easily. At Hip Hop Bling, our hip hop jewelry rings are made with the same molds as real gold and silver rings with the only difference being the core of our rings is brass making the price much lower while keeping the durability. Why pay the exorbitant amount for gold and silver when you can get the same look and feel for a fraction of the cost?


The stones used on these gorgeous rings are individually set high quality CZs that shine and sparkle just like the real thing. These do not look fake but dazzle the moment a hint of light hits them. A must have to complete your hip hop jewelry wardrobe. Check out our selection of over 30 single finger and two finger bling rings.


Stainless steel is always a popular choice for men’s jewelry because it is so durable and hard that it allows for much more detailed designs than even gold or silver jewelry. On top of that you can get the best of both worlds by plating it in thick coats of gold or rhodium for that rich look. Just take a look and the Gold Stainless Steel Emperor Ring.


This is a great example of the gorgeous rings you can get from stainless steel plated in gold and lighting up the night sky. This ring is huge weighing 11 grams with a 18MM width.


For several years we waited because technology had not caught up to the concept of fashion hip hop rings, but now with the advances in jewelry manufacturing, we have some of the highest quality rings available, next to the real deal.

Real Genuine Hip Hop Watches for Affordable Prices at Hip Hop Bling

Hip Hop Bling is a leader in iced out watches with a collection of over 200 unique styles and colors as well as genuine diamond watches like Joe Rodeo. No where else can you find high quality watches like these for such low prices. We feature high quality hip hop watches with the same look and feel as genuine diamond watches that can run upwards of $50,000 as well as actual diamond watches for less than a fraction of their original price. Why buy a watch for thousands when you can get a nice, high quality watch for a fraction of that price. You can even get a Joe Rodeo Watch for as little $550.


Hip Hop Bling provides hip hop watches made with the highest quality parts and excellent craftsmanship for the price. Our watches feature stainless steel or genuine leather, mineral scratch resistant crystals, and Miyota quartz movements. These are the same movements in some high end watches like Citizen. And these watches look and feel so real, only you will know that they aren’t 100% authentic.


The stones you see in our hip hop watches are high quality CZ diamond simulated stones with nice shine and deep bling. If you want the look of a hip hop star without the hip hop budget, check out our wide selection of hip hop watches.


Some of our best watches are the Custom G Shock Watches, JoJino Diamond Watches and Joe Rodeo Watches. We offer the best quality watches that money can buy, without stepping up to real diamond watches. Our hip hop watch collection is absolutely breathtaking and each design is inspired from custom diamond watches or luxury branded watches. Each watch has a full 316L Stainless Steel Case and Band. All stones are are lab replicated diamonds made to look and feel real. Each stone is then set into the case, bezel and band with precision just like how real diamonds would be set into a diamond watch.


Get All the Earrings you Need from Hip Hop Bling’s Incredible Collections

Hip Hop Bling has one of the largest selections of hip hop styled earrings on the internet. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, then you can’t find it anywhere. Whether you want a simple CZ stud, or highly detailed set that matches your favorite pendant, you will see it here. For some of our classic all time best sellers, check out the iced out collection categories on


For those who want clean looking studs with quality CZ stones, check out the sterling silver collection or the 14k gold collection. Of course, if you’re looking for some real bling, our micropave earrings are some of the finest fashion earrings on the planet. THey have highly detailed stone settings on top of rhodium coated sterling silver. Whatever kind of men’s earrings you’re looking for, we’ve got them here at prices that’ll beat any physical jewelry store.


Very recently, jewelry designers have been creating earrings with style and purpose. These new types of earrings are truly stylish and, more importantly, unique. Many of them feature tiny details and a multitude of hand set stones. They were made to look like smaller versions of some of the popular pendants that men wear.


For those who like the classic look of the stud earrings, we have brought those back but fixed the original problem simply by using more expensive, higher quality stones. Check out all of our earrings to find the set that suits you the best.


Shiny Gold Hip Hop Grillz for Low Low Prices at Hip Hop Bling

Hip Hop Bling’s hip hop grillz are high quality temporary grillz made with a brass core and fake diamond stones giving you an incredible look and feel for less. Grillz come with the quality plating color of your choice including platinum/silver tone and especially gold tone. All hip hop grillz are one size fits all teeth. Each grillz piece comes with a mold and instructions.


Our grillz fit easily in minutes. No more waiting for the molding process, which can take a month or longer. If you want a comfortable fit, these grillz will not hurt your teeth or gums. All the famous hip hop rappers are now wearing iced out grillz get yours today and shine just like the stars.

Gold Grillz
Gold Grillz


Gold teeth are a popular and classic representation of hip hop culture. For some time now, the only way to get a set is to have a custom mold made. The jeweler custom making them could easily charge something around $800 or more. Hip Hop Bling offers universal fitting grillz in a lasting gold tone, which provides the look and feel of the grillz the stars wear, at a fraction of the cost.


Our gold hip hop grillz are made with the same dedication and care as fine jewelry. The stones we use are the highest quality, grade A stones, which are hand set and glued by a team of professionals. The lasting gold finish is achieved by plating multiple thick layers of genuine 24k gold over jeweler’s metal. When finished, a high quality, durable and comfortable grill is created.

Hip Hop Bling
Hip Hop Bling

Get yours today and shine just like Hip Hop’s wealthy elite.

Gold Stainless Steel Chains Provide Heavy and Durable Style for Affordable Prices

Gold stainless steel chains are very heavy and solid feeling. Stainless steel is a very heavy and durable metal and makes a good base for gold plating. Get quality long lasting gold plating that looks and feels real at an amazing price. With our IP gold plated stainless steel necklaces you get an amazing value.

Jumbo Miami Cuban Chain
Jumbo Miami Cuban Chain


You will look like a hip hop boss with a gold stainless steel chain hanging around your neck. Our designs are so intricate and unique because the metal is very tough and durable. You can’t make the same designs with plated bling because the metal is too soft. This causes rough edges that look smudged up and cheap. Stainless steel lets our jewelers achieve true precision and crazy details on these necklaces.

Hip Hop Bling
Hip Hop Bling


This is why companies like Rolex, Omega and Breitling use stainless steel o make their top-end watches. Stainless steel jewelry doesn’t corrode, or fade like plated bling and it doesn’t tarnish and turn black like real sterling silver does. This is the best solution out there for plated gold jewelry.

They cost a bit more than other gold plated jewelry, but that’s going to happen when the materials used are better. The good thing is gold stainless steel will last much longer and it is still lower priced than the real thing, just a bit more expensive than garbage fashion jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry Rings Provide the Added Bling to Complete Your Hip Hop Wardrobe

It’s really hard to look like a baller when you don’t have the completed outfit. You can have the chains, and the pendants and the Coogi Jeans, but what’s a Sundae without the cherry on top. Hip Hop Fashion Rings are the cherry on top of your hip hop outfit. They are big and shiny and command a lot of attention. However unlike other fashion rings, these do not look horrible or feel like garbage.

Players CZ .925 Sterling Silver Micro Pave Mens Ring
Players CZ .925 Sterling Silver Micro Pave Mens Ring


Instead, hour hip hop bling rings are made from the same molds as real platinum rings. This gives the hip hop rings not only a good look, but a great feel as well. They are plated with thick coats of genuine rhodium, and then polished to a mirror like finish similar to that of real platinum rings. The stones used on these gorgeous rings are individually set high quality CZs that shine just like the real thing. These do not look fake. They shine and sparkle on our hip hop rings the moment a hint of light hits them.


These rings are a must have to complete your hip hop jewelry wardrobe and we have rings for every style and occasion. Even real diamond rings, for less than $600. These rings can include as much as 2.26 ct of genuine black diamonds or 1.06ct in a gorgeous .925 sterling silver ring.

Hip Hop Bling
Hip Hop Bling

Finally, the cream of the crop here at Hip Hop Bling, are the premium CZ rings are the highest quality replica iced out rings we carry. These are so good looking that they’ll fool just about all your friends. Even jewelers can’t tell the difference just by looking at them. This is because these rings are made just like real gold and diamond versions. Now you can get that high roller look that you see on all the big time ballers out there, but you don’t have to spend big time money.

Get Real Diamond Watches for Less than $100 with Our Super Techno Watches

Super Techno Watches are some of the highest quality watches, and since they are from Joe Rodeo, you know that’s no lie. If you want an extremely nice watch for not a lot of money, Super Techno Real Diamond Watches give you the best value. This is the more sporty line from Joe Rodeo New York, so you will look cool and stylin’ when you buy from Joe Rodeo. The best part, these are real diamond watches, not fake.


Everyone who is anyone, buys the brand which is the choice for celebrities and athletes around the world. These people are often seen with a diamond watch from this company. Now you can get the same look with real diamonds at crazy low price.

Joe Rodeo Watches
Joe Rodeo Watches


Unlike any of the fashion watches you see in malls or anything like that, Super Techno diamond watches are real. They are unique and on a whole different level. That level is the same as the full blown $5000+ Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches. The metal is 316L stainless steel, giving them a very heavy feel. The case will not fade or tarnish. The bezel features genuine, real diamonds. That’s right, nothing fake about them. The Japanese movement comes with a 1 year warranty as well. These real diamond watches sell for hundreds in stores, they are worth thousands, but buy from us and you will get the direct price because we cut out the middleman and the expensive salesman on commission. These watches even come with a display box and 2 additional bands so you can get the look of 3 watches in one.

Nothing beats a Super Techno Real Diamond Watch. The quality is amazing, the diamonds are real, and they are only available for this price at Hip Hop Bling. Step up to a genuine iced out watch at a price you never thought was possible.

Hip Hop Bling Carries Classic Style Chains for All Occasions Just for You

Hip Hop Bling’s line of classic hip hop chains are made with quality and care. Each are plated with a thick coat of pure sterling silver or 24k gold and hand polished to a mirror like shine. They look and feel like the real deal. They are heavy and durable, yet comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. So go out, party and be ready to turn some heads. People are going to think you paid a lot of money for these bad boys, but only you will realize that you paid a fraction of the price.


Hip Hop Bling carries a fine variety of classic hip hop chains which are a great example of timeless chains that were popular decades ago and are still popular today. Some of these chains include Figaro chains, rope chains, Cuban curb chains, Mariner chains and more. We carry all the classic styles in a variety of different sizes to fit just about anyone. You will often see these chains going for hundreds to even thousands of dollars at local jewelry stores, due to the gold and silver prices skyrocketing, but you can get the same look here at a fraction of the cost.


Of course if you want to really shine, your going to need to real bling. Our iced out chains will light up your neck like the Fourth of July, so if you are really crazy, check out the premium CZ iced out chains and the four row chains section. These are the iciest chains we carry. All of them are made with great quality and have a realistic look and feel. The real versions cost thousands of dollars but you won’t pay anything near that to get the same look.

Hip Hop Chains are one of the few trends that will never die in Hip Hop. You know you have always wanted to have a high quality, heavy chain around your neck, and now with Hip Hop Bling, you can. Thanks to Hip Hop Bling, you can have any, or all, of a large variety of Hip Hop Chains, from the iced out chains, to dookie rope chains, to our classic hip hop chains. Our chains are unique, versatile and best of all, affordable.

Hip Hop Bling Offers the Same Jewelry as Your Favorite Celebrities for Discount Prices

Hip Hop Bling can help you shine like a superstar even if you don’t have the money like that. For fans of the Hip Hop Culture, you see most of your favorite celebrities rocking some of the largest and shiniest ice in the jewelry industry. Each time you see them, you think “Man where can I get some Ice like that?” Now you can with discount fashion jewelry from Hip Hop Bling.

For over a decade Hip Hop Bling has been placing the best diamond alternative bling on their customers. The benefit that customers always receive from shopping with Hip Hop Bling is the simple fact that you know that you will be getting your money’s worth on the products that you purchase. Anybody can glue a fake diamond to a piece of metal and call it bling, but here we do it right. We don’t want our jewelry to look fake.

There process mimics the same way that genuine diamond jewelry is manufactured. The discount jewelry sold on Hip Hop Bling in most cases is created using the same molds that are used on genuine diamond jewelry. Then the stones are placed in the piece by hand. This eliminates any chance for the “Glue Look”. You have seen it before in malls and other jewelry stores. Sometimes a jeweler will use glue to place the stones, which leaves a cheap look.

Hip Hop Bling chooses to use a larger number of smaller stones so that the jewelry has a wall of ice that allows you to shine oh so very bright. On their site you will find individual pieces of jewelry that look similar to the same pieces that stars like Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Bone Thugs N Harmony wear each and every day. Go to Hip Hop Bling today to get your new bling’d out piece of jewelry.