Enhance Your Look With This Classic 7MM Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pearls have been a symbol of elegance for centuries. Fashionable women of the past boasted them around their necks to signal their wealth and status. But now, you can own your own genuine freshwater pearl necklace for a crazy low price. These pearls are naturally grown, so a small imperfection just tells you it’s real!

Freshwater Pearl necklaces are the ultimate way to show off your inner lady. Imagine these pearls roped around your neck on a dinner date, or at your wedding, and you’ll see why they’ve stuck around as a fashion choice for ages!

Pair this elegant necklace with a ball gown and a pair of our freshwater pearl earrings. There’s no limit to the looks you can achieve with this necklace. And make sure to check out our huge collection of ladies’ jewelry while you’re at it, because there are tons of styles of necklaces, bracelets and watches for a trendy look everyday of the week.

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Rep Your Sense of Style With This Gold Chunky Techno Pave Watch

To be our best is something we all strive for, no matter your situation in life. Looking our best, feeling our best, and being the best version of ourselves is something everyone has in common. And Hip Hop Bling has the best selection on the internet of the very best in hip hop style- all at the most amazing prices!

This gold, crystal encrusted watch is the very best. It’s top quality, totally iced out, and made to look and feel like a fortune on your wrist. This watch will spice up any event or place you are. It’s stylish and just oozes class and sophistication. Bring some bling to your life with this incredible watch!

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Add Some Bling To Your Wrist With A New Polished Gold Watch

Give the gift of class and sophistication with our collection of gold bling bling watches.  We offer simpler styles, for the office, and more iced out options to wear to clubs and parties. Find one that fits your personality, or shop for your man to show how much you care!  These gold watches are a perfect holiday or birthday gift for that special someone.

This gold polished bezel watch is one of the classiest pieces in the collection. Its simple design is perfect for work, to complement your office attire and show how seriously you take your job! A watch of this standard could easily cost an arm and a leg, but if you’re looking for a deal, you’ve come to the right place! This watch is an incredible price, and no one will believe how little you paid for it.

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Look Classy With A Rose Gold Eternity Ring

Rose gold is, perhaps, the hottest trend in jewelry today. It’s worn by celebs, athletes and socialites everywhere. And now you can experience it for yourself for a fraction of the normal cost! We have dozens of rose gold chains, pendants, and bracelets for you to choose from. Find something that’s uniquely you at Hip Hop Bling.

This rose gold eternity ring is showered in diamonds at 360 degrees. The rose gold accents these CZ diamonds for an elegant feel. This iced out rose gold ring is perfectly suited for weddings and formal occasions. It can be used all year round to ice out your fingers and bring a touch of class to any situation. This ring can be switched from daytime looks to nighttime looks with ease.

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Stay Fresh With A New Red On Black Cluster Chain

Your favorite color can show off your personality more than gold and silver ever could. Hip Hop Bling has dozens of colorful jewelry options for you to browse through! All the hottest celebrities are wearing colorful jewelry these days, like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and  Wiz Khalifa. You’ll match their swag status, all while paying a fraction of the price of the real thing. Use our promo code LABOR during our extended Labor Day sale for 25% off any purchase.

This all red on black cluster chain features 750 faux diamond stones. Red on black is a baller color combination, and it’s maxed out 750 times! It’s one of those color pairs that set the bar for others to follow. Its edgy, and anyone can rock it and be the hottest dresser around! Wear it with a white outfit to become the focal point of your look, or combine it with red and black to keep the style coming!  It’s crafted from our signature metals that never tarnish, and are always strong and last for the years to come!

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Add Some Bling To Your Finger With A Reverse Black Diamond Ladies Ring

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This reverse black diamond ring is a fresh take on your typical ring. The diamonds face outward for a totally edgy ring. It’s made from durable metals to last forever! It’s exciting and sleek and exotic as you are. Use thing black diamond ring to instantly give yourself a rocker vibe, and to pump up any outfit. It’ll leave you feeling dangerous and brand new!

Ever like to shake up the norm? We know we do here at Hip Hop Bling. We’re always putting our own spin on jewelry, pushing the limits of hip hop style. We combine classic designs with modern ones into something entirely our own, and always at the most amazing prices.


Add More Bling To Your Chain With A Diamond Eyes King Tut Pendant

The Egyptians were the original ballers. They maxed out everything in gold and gems, and made some of the most incredible structures of the ancient world. Their impact on history is still celebrated today. Everyone remembers their glittering treasures that were so valuable, they were stolen from their tombs. And one of the most famous pharaohs of Egypt was King Tut.

You’ll be one of the most memorable trendsetters in your town with this King Tut pendant! It’s amazingly detailed. The eyes are VS diamonds to glitter like the ancient Egyptians’ treasure! Made from sterling silver, and dipped in rhodium for a platinum look, it’s something King Tut himself would have envied. Wear this pendant proudly around your neck with one of our chains to enhance the look even more.

Though the gold and jewels from Egypt were practically priceless, our hip hop pendants are a fraction of any cost on the internet! We also have hundreds of celebrity-inspired, Egyptian-worthy pieces of jewelry to soothe your inner pharaoh! Check our site for all the latest in hip hop style, and be sure to fill up your cart!

Look Classic With 2MM Gold Rope Chain

Balling out is all well and good, but sometimes keeping it low key is the better option! Chilling out your style can say a lot about you as a person, that you don’t take yourself too seriously, or that you know how to relax! Hip Hop Bling offers dozens of pieces of jewelry with this idea in mind. Simplicity is key. Find something that is perfect for you with our low prices!

This simple, but stylish gold rope chain is one such piece of jewelry. It’s an alternative to over-the-top bling, but it still accents any look with sophistication. It’s crazy thin at 2MM sterling silver with a gold finish. This chain is perfect for everyday, low key looks. And it’s also a great chain to hang a mini pendant from, for a small splash of diamonds!

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Hip Hop Bling Has The Coolest African Queen Jewelry On The Market

Here at Hip Hop Bling, we know you stunt for your family. You work hard to provide for them. And shouldn’t you give yourself a little reward for all of the years you’ve been giving them a better life? We certainly think so! We have quality, low price jewelry for amazing people like you. Choose from our thousands of pendants, rings, chains, and more! And use the promo code LABOR for 25% off your purchase, no minimum!

This African Queen Ring is for the realest. It features an Egyptian queen’s profile, it’s embedded with real diamonds, and crafted from sterling silver and rhodium. There’s nothing quite like it! It’s a bold statement ring; pair it with a gold bracelet to bring out the gold plating around your queen. Wear this to the club and you’ll be on everyone’s radar as a baller. People will bow down like you’re a real pharaoh!

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Buy Our Hot Blingy Sitting Buddha Diamond Pendant

There are so many worn out styles these days. Or sometimes, you look at your clothes and accessories, and it’s the same old routine. Hip Hop Bling boasts hundreds of ways for you to shake up your boring old look with fresh new bling!

This sitting Buddha pendant is crazy detailed. It’s crafted from sterling silver, and gold plated for a ridiculous shine. Real diamonds are hand set into the Buddha. It’s a new spin on hip hop style! Hang this pendant from one of our mini ice chains for an added bonus to your look! This pendant is perfect for a chill day at the mall or around town, because the Buddha is as relaxed as you are! There’s still an essence of swag to be had with this pendant!

Browse our pendant collection, because we know you’ll want them all! We also have the biggest collection of hip hop swag on the web! Grillz, bling bling chains, earrings, and bracelets are here for you to shop. There’s no shortage of style switch ups to be had with our incredible jewelry. Your cart looks a little empty… time to change that!