Offset Of Migos Takes His Daughter Back To School Shopping

It can easily be argued that Offset is one of the leaders in Migos, both in fashion and on the scene, and from the threads his daughter chose, it looks like fashion sense is hereditary. Earlier this month kids went back to school, and everyone knows that one of the best part of showing up the first day is to show off your new kicks.

HypeBeast took time to follow Offset at the Gucci store as he took his daughter shopping, and Offset dropped some fashion knowledge; both he and his girlfriend Cardi B have been highlighted recently, and took the show at the New York Fashion Week.

Gucci may just be trying to get Offset a discount, it seems he’s been going a little Gucci crazy of late, having already dropped $100K on the brand in 2017 alone.

The lady said she was going to try and get me a 30% discount, some type of situation. Because I spent 100 grand at Gucci in 2017,” he says.

Back in the high school days Offset admits that he just went to school to be fresh- style is something to pursue for some folks, but for Offset it’s more of an obsession. Rolling up with fake Jordan’s and trying to cop something you’re not led to ridicule though;

You can’t come into the cafeteria with fake J’s on. If you came in the cafeteria with fake J’s everybody knew what was happenin’. They’d jump on the table and point at your shoes,” says Offset.

Offset shows is caring side, he and his daughter pick out her favorite outfits while he offers options and some tips here and there; overall, it’s charming. Check out the video below, and point out any pieces you’d like for your own kids in the comments.

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Azealia Banks Drops A Sincere Apology To Nicki Minaj

Recently Azealia Banks has been best known for starting beef with Cardi B, but today she’s switched the script, sending a sincere apology via Instagram DM to Nicki Minaj of all people.

Maybe it’s a sign of maturity, maybe Banks just wants to collab with Nicki at some point; in any case, in a detailed novel, Banks said both that she regretted ever being catty to Nicki, and that she would never do so again.

“Hey, I’m not sure if you will see this but I wanted to apologise for whatever catty shit I’ve said to and or about you in the past I really do enjoy your artistry and think you’re so intelligent and clever,” she said.

“You have a really brilliant art mind and often times remind me a lot of myself.”

Brining up past beef seems to be a specialty of Azealia Bank’s, but this time to Nicki it seems like she tried to squash some; in the second half of her DM, Banks brigs up working with Nicki’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels.

Apparently Banks took a look at the success Nicki has, and figured at the time that Samuels was a big part of that; not meant as a slight to Nicki, Banks just wanted in on the same success.

“You have my word, that from here on out, I will never say any negative or catty things about you ever again,” Banks said. “Inside of all of us there’s a little black girl who cries and the last thing I want to see is that little black girl cry.”

Nicki sent back a dm that was simple as it was sincere;

“You’re very talented & very smart,” Minaj said. “Focus on what really matters from now on.”

It seems from this at least that the two are on good terms again, however from the captioned IG post, it’s apparent that Azealia hadn’t expected a response at all;

“Not gonna lie, I cried a bit when she responded.”

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Jay Pharaoh & Jamie Foxx Impersonate Jay Z And Kanye West On “Ellen,” Among Others

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but does celebrity impressions fall under that domain. Without a doubt, Jay Pharaoh and Jamie Foxx are among the most talented impersonators; between their sketch comedy shows and standup, they’ve been called upon to create caricatures of some of the more famous names in the hip hop industry.

On a recent episode of Ellen, the two delighted fans for a good cause, impersonating everyone from Barack Obama and Beyonce at a nude beach, to Kanye West and Jay Z.

While saying no to the “presidential package” may have been hard, for what it’s worth I believe the Ryan Seacrest and Pharrell duo to be a bit of a stretch. The highlight of the show was undoubtedly Pharaoh’s impression of Jay Z and Kanye West. The impressions were spot on, I mean seriously; getting Yeezy into a Ford Focus??

Funny impressions aside, it was all for a good cause- for every impression that they nailed, Cheerios would donate $1000 to Jamie Foxx’s hurricane relief fund. Already the fund has helped many reeling from hurricanes Harvey and Irma; after the games, Ellen added up the total and rounded it out to $20,000 going to those in need.

Ellen has already managed to donates millions towards the current hurricane relief efforts, but she was particularly impressed by Pharaoh’s ability to jump from impersonation to impersonation, a skill he’s used across his sketch comedy career.

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, check out his time on Sway in the Morning, where he impersonated everyone from Drake to the host Sway himself.

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The Weeknd Reps New Fashion With H&M’s Fall Jacket Line

This isn’t the first time the Toronto rapper The Weeknd has linked up with H&M to model a fashion line, the last being his Spring 2017 collaboration, and if the fans have their way it likely won’t be the last.

Sporting some hot looking jackets, The Weeknd took up H&M’s fall line of jackets- apparently he had a great time choosing the fall fashion “icons,” as stated in a press release.

I love the mix of urban pieces like bombers and hoodies with tailored shirts and blazers.

In an 18-piece collection, The Weeknd takes on a look that has some sportswear influences, but overall evokes a timeless, stylish look effortlessly incorporates aspects from the music industry in subtle tones.

Set to drop tomorrow, the line features a satin varsity jacket that immediately catches the eye, a padded bomber- style jacket, boots and trousers.

The “Starboy” rapper isn’t limiting his fashion empire to H&M alone- this past August he hooked up with PUMA to release the Puma Parallel, an incredible looking street hightop kick that came in olive and an all-white colorway.

On some not so happy news, members of The Weeknd’s stage crew are under criminal investigation for rape following one of the lyricist’s shows; stage hands are hired from city to city as the tour progresses, so it’s no one in the XO Gang’s inner circle, but the news is disturbing regardless.

Upon learning of the accusations that two members of our tour staff are facing, we immediately terminated their employment. We are working with the authorities to ensure they have access to any information or assistance they may need,” the XO Tour Manager and Live Nation team reported.

For the moment it looks like The Weeknd’s team are on top of it- shout out your opinions on the new H&M fashion- what brand do you think he should partner with next?

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Rihanna Redirects Donald Trump’s Attention From The NFL, To Puerto Rico Humanitarian Relief

Rihanna is taking the Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria relief personally, sending out multiple tweets and social posts directed straight at the President, to get the US territory relief. Puerto Rico may not be a state, but they are US citizens by law with equal rights; it is also a home to America’s military presence, serving as a strategic Air Force Base within the region.

The first video clip shows the mayor of Puerto Rico Carmen Yulin Cruz breaking down over the devastation…For more than a week Puerto Rico has been without running water, much less power or transportation.

Families are desperate just to get news to relatives on the mainland that they’re alright, as cell towers and all forms of communication have ground to a halt.

I know leaders are not supposed to cry, and especially not on TV, but we are having a humanitarian crisis her,” Cruz says. “The worst fear is that we cannot get to everyone in time.

Donald Trump has stated that currently his administration is doing “a really good job” in relation to Puerto Rico relief response, despite critics pointing out the slow response. “We’ve gotten A-pluses on Texas and in Florida, and we will also on Puerto Rico,” Trump said. “The difference is this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. It’s a big ocean; it’s a very big ocean. And we’re doing a really good job.

In a tweet Trump continued; “Much of the Island has been destroyed, with billions of dollars owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with,” referencing Puerto Rico’s debt. Cruz addressed the President’s tweet in her response saying “You don’t put debt above people, you put people above debt.

This is by far from the first time Rihanna has criticized the current administration, and will likely not be the last. We urge all those capable of donating to Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria relief to do so- these are our countrymen and women, an entire region who have been without running water or power for more than a week.

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Kendrick Lamar Makes An Appearance With SZA In LA

SZA’s CTRL tour has been a hit, but last night she dropped a bomb when she brought out TDE collaborator Kendrick Lamar onstage out in Los Angeles. Performing his verse off of SZA’s “Doves In The Wind,” Instagram videos showed just how hyped the crowed got to see the two on stage together.

SZA is low-key saving R&B in a big way- Kendrick Lamar spoke with TMZ about why he was originally inspired to get on “Doves In The Wind” saying the following;

Ice Cube always said from the jump, ‘The first line has to be the line that draws everyone.’ Her first line, when she played it, ‘Real n****’s do not deserve pussy.’ Come on,” Lamar said. “That just drew me in. Her storytelling progresses, and it just lured me into writing my own verse. I never heard a female artist come from that perspective. It’s aggressive and it’s unapologetic. It just made me feel a certain type of way where I wanted to give my perspective.

With much props to SZA on her collab with Kendrick and the success of he CTRL Tour, Schoolboy Q could be the next TDE contributor for a collab- Earlier this week Schoolboy Q revealed that the followup to “Blank Face LP was almost complete.

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FBI Charges NCAA Coaches, Adidas Exec In Massive Bribery Probe

Jim Gatto, Adidas’s Global Marketing Director has been charged in a massive bribery scandal, that has included four college basketball coaches; Auburn’s assistant coach Chuck Pearson, USC assistant coach Tony Bland, Oklahoma State’s Lamont Evans and University of Arizona’s Book Richardson.

From ESPN, 10 people are facing charges of corruption and fraud- TMZ has obtained documents pertaining to Jim Gatto’s $100,000 bribe, attempting to get one player to a school of Gato’s choice, while offering another $150,000 with the intention to have them sign with Adidas as they began to play in the NBA.

Per TMZ Sports:
The investigation has revealed multiple instances of bribes paid by athlete advisors, including financial advisors and business managers, as well as high-level apparel company employees, and facilitated by coaches employed by NCAA division 1 universities, to student-athletes playing at or bound for NCAA D-1 universities, and the families of such athletes, in exchange for a commitment by those athletes to matriculate at a specific university and a promise to ultimately sign agreements to be represented by the bribe-payers once the athletes enter the NBA.

The FBI has furthermore reported recordings of bribery attempts; Adidas has released a statement claiming they were completely unaware of their global marketing head’s attempt to sway high school players, and released the following statement per ESPN’s Darren Rovell;

Today, we became aware that federal investigators arrested an Adidas employee. We are learning more about the situation. We’re unaware of any misconduct and will fully cooperate with authorities to understand more.

Chuck Person reportedly took in $91,500 in bribes to funnel potential players to Rashan Michel, a particular high end financial advisor.

Person is reported to have told one player

The most important part is that you … don’t say nothing to anybody … don’t share with your sisters, don’t share with any of the teammates, that’s very important ’cause this is a violation … of rules. But this is how the NBA players get it done.

They get early relationships, and they form partnerships, they form trust, you get to know [financial advisor], you get to know Rashan a lot and like Rashan can get you suits and stuff … you’ll start looking like an NBA ball player, that’s what you are.


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Post Malone Drops A Dope Cover Of Green Day’s Basket Case

Post Malone is has become one of the hottest rappers worldwide; after a slow beginning, his rise to fame with “Rockstar” has put him solidly at the #2 spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100 listing.

Getting an assist from 21 Savage, Rockstar is only topped by the other meteoric rise to fame single, Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow. During a recent show, Post has been living up to the song’s legend by covering some of pop rock’s hottest tracks of the past; namely Green Day’s “Basket Case.”


On September 16th, Post gave fans a show with his bedazzled guitar at the Fillmore in Silver Springs MD; dropping verses from Green Day’s 1990’s hit off the critically acclaimed Dookie album, Post gave a slowed acoustic rendition of the song, counter to the breakneck speed the song’s originator’s played it at; the result? Surprisingly effective, the breakdown is much more mellow than the angsty Armstrong 1994 cut.

While it doesn’t look like Post will be leaving the rap scene for the rock world, his vocal talent actually grabbed the attention of Green Day’s lead singer, who gave love to Post in a recent tweet. Doing classic covers is becoming a running theme for Post; already in concert he’s done a Nirvana of “All Apologies,” along with an assortment of videos showcasing his ability to rock.

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Colin Kaepernick Declines To Comment After NFL Teams Weekend Demonstrations

Colin Kaepernick is out of a job in the NFL, but players, coaches and teams across the NFL have continued his “take a knee” protest during the national anthem; others have locked arms in unity in a sign of protest against Donald Trump’s divisive message on Friday night against the “son of a bitch” players who “disrespect our flag.”

Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He’s fired. He’s fired!

Three football teams, the Pittsburg Stealers, the Tennessee Titans and the Seattle Seahawks all stayed in the tunnel during the anthem as a sign of protest against Donald Trump and his values. When cornered by TMZ for comment on the weekend events, Colin Kaepernick respectfully declined to lend his comment on the stance (or knee) that other players within the league were taking.

Ray Lewis, formerly of the Ravens, stated that the team was just about to offer Kaepernick a position this season, before his girlfriend (Hot97 radio host Nessa) posted a divisive image of Lewis as Samuel Jackson’s character in Django Unchained.


“We were going to close the deal to sign him,” Lewis said on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” on Tuesday night. “Steve Bisciotti said, ‘I want to hear Colin Kaepernick speak to let me know that he wants to play football.'”

“And it never happens because that picture comes up the next day.”

“His girl [Diab] goes out and put out this racist gesture and doesn’t know we are in the back office about to try to get this guy signed,” Lewis said. “Steve Bisciotti has said it himself: ‘How can you crucify Ray Lewis when Ray Lewis is the one calling for Colin Kaepernick?'”

For the time being, Kaepernick remains teamless, but the movement he started remains.

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Jennifer Lopez Promises $1 Million Towards Puerto Rico Relief

Taking out time along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Jennifer Lopez announced at a press conference that she’ll be donating $1 Million of her own money directly towards Puerto Rico relief efforts.

Lopez and her boyfriend, former Yankee pitcher Alex Rodriguez, will both contribute and pool their contacts to raise relief funds for the country stricken by two Category 5 hurricanes;

Alex Rodriguez and I, who are both New Yorkers, are using all our resources and relationships in entertainment, sports and business to garner support for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean,” she said. “We are working day and night to identify the needs.

Last week Jennifer Lopez reached out to her fans across social, posting videos on Instagram to raise awareness for the utter devastation Puerto Rico has undergone. At this time, Lopez still has not been able to contact her family on the island.

What’s on my mind is what’s going on in Puerto Rico,” Jennifer Lopez said. “The devastation is beyond belief. Me and my cousin still haven’t been able to hear from our families over there. What’s foremost in my mind and many others, is trying to figure out the best way to help. Our island of Puerto Rico has been hit by the two most devastating hurricanes we’ve ever seen Irma and Maria. Today, Puerto Rico needs our help. I urge you to support and donate to the efforts of the first lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló. Together we can help rebuild our island and the Caribbean.”

We wish all those afflicted by these destructive hurricanes solace in this time, and urge those able to contribute to give to those relief causes you see fit.

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