The Atlanta Falcons Barely Hold Off The Seahawks In Big Monday Night Football Win

Last night the Atlanta Falcons barely held off the Seattle Seahawks in a big Monday Night Football win- in a stunning last minute field goal attempt, the Seahakws kicker Blair Walsh missed a 52 yard field goal, that would have taken the game into overtime.

Many viewed this as a rematch from last year’s division playoff game- hosted in Seattle, Matt Ryan and the Falcons started off strong, taking a commanding 14-0 lead over the Seahawks, but eventually gave up their lead as Russell Wilson battled back.

Before the half the Falcons had a chance to extend their lead and forgo having the potential to tie late game with a field goal when the score was 24-21; instead Pete Carroll decided to go for a fake field goal, but was shut down.

It would have been a really good call if we would have made it,” Carroll said. “It was a terrific opportunity, right where we wanted it. The defensive tackle made a better play. He wasn’t supposed to be there.

The Seahawks have had a rough go at it this season with a roster that’s been filled with injuries- taking advantage of that, Matt Ryan put up the most points the Falcons have seen in any game all season. Completing 19 of 27 passes, Ryan put up 195 yards, two touchdowns, five scores on eight possessions and a total of zero interceptions. Russell Wilson on the other hand straight up put the Seahawks on his back and carried the offense for 252 yards thrown and 2 touchdowns with 1 interception.

Wilson also took the ball into his own hands, rushing for 86 yards and 1 touchdown- the Seahawks may have lost, but those who have Russell Wilson on their Fantasy Football team certainly pulled in a big W. Jimmy Graham caught 7 passes for 58 yards and one TD, while Doug Baldwin took up 40 yards and a late game TD.

With :07 seconds left, the Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh missed a 52 yard field goal that would have sent the teams into overtime- with the loss, the Seahawks are dropped into the group of teams hunting for a playoff position, while the Falcons are catapulted up to the #6 spot in the playoff rankings.

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Rihanna Is The New Look Of Vogue Paris, Ending 2017 On Top

From a success standpoint, Rihanna could not have asked for a better 2017; from the debut of her breaking Fenty beauty line, the impressive numbers of her PUMA Fenty collection, the beautiful Comme des Garçons Met Gala style, her stunning Vogue Arabia cover and her bold Paper Magazine cover, Rihanna has been on #FIRE.

With even more introductions this coming year, it seems there’s nothing in the fashion world Rihanna can’t cover- so of course it only makes sense she’d grace the covers of Vogue Paris in a 3 cover special edition.

“She’s one of the most emblematic artists of the early 21st century,” Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief says in the December 2017/January 2018 issue “She’s moved more than 200 million records of her hybrid R&B, dance, rock and reggae-flavored music, provided sartorial surprises from glammed-up streetwear to reworked classics and is driven by an unparalleled desire to succeed. Stamped with her trademark bold body art, Rihanna cuts an unusual figure in the celebrity Hall of Fame.”

The official magazine will hit stands December 1st. Rihanna will furthermore be the host of the Met Gala next year, with the theme of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” with Amal Clooney, Donatella Versace and Anna Wintour joining her as hosts.

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Snoop Dogg And YG Go In On Donald Trump After Ball Family Controversy

YG and Snoop Dogg went in on Donald Trump over his weekend’s controversial tweet concerning the Ball family- after throwing LiAngelo Ball to the proverbial wolves, Donald Trump aimed a tweet at LaVar Ball;

Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!

In his dwindling base of supporters, many found this to be just a bit petty; soon after Trump turned his social ire towards Marshawn Lynch, calling for him to be sat for at minimum the rest of the season over his recent kneeling during the National Anthem.

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump’s remarks have rustled the jimmies of many across the nation, however two West Coast vets, Snoop Dogg and YG spoke up and shouted out the big man for his remarks; in fact, YG even said Trump got “played” by LaVar Ball.

While YG who dropped “Fuck Donald Trump” last year went for a more brief comment, Snoop Dogg went in with a video TMZ picked upWe’ll let you view the video and get your own takeaway, the pure passionate profanity Snoop drops is better heard than read. The below quote gives you a glimpse though;

LaVar Ball good lookin’ out. I wouldn’t have thanked that motherfucka either…’should have left them in jail,’ what kind of n***a is you, man?

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Eminem And Chance The Rapper Show Up For SNL Promo Prior To Tomorrow Night’s Show

Chance the Rapper, Eminem and Leslie Jones came forward for an SNL promo video prior to tomorrow night’s show that’s already promising to be a must see for hip hop fans. Chance the Rapper will be hosting the show whereas Eminem will be performing two tracks off of his upcoming new album Revival.

Em’s newest track to air “Walk on Water” came out to mixed reviews; the track features Beyonce but has a more melodic tone than many are used to from the lyricist emcee. Taking an introspective look at Eminem’s most recent work, the piece is self-critical, and were it not for the harder hook at the end, one might think the entire album was the same tone.

The promotional clip for tomorrow night’s much anticipated SNL show features three different segments- the first part had Leslie Jones playing a game of telephone with Eminem that left Chance the Rapper in the middle.

Yo Chance, ask Em why he won’t battle me,” she asks. After Chance passes the message, Em simply responds, “Because she’ll win.

Later on Eminem feigns confusion over Chance the Rapper’s name, as Eminem is the musical guest for the evening, which leads to a hilarious back and forth between him and Leslie Jones to come up with a new name for Chance. Among the better names were Chancer the Dancer, Chance the Hotty, Chance the Poet and Chance Encounter- it doesn’t appear Chance is in the market for a name change any time soon though.

Eminem is expected to perform Walk on Water in tomorrow’s SNL show, however he’ll also premier a brand new song off the project that has primarily been built off of speculation. Eminem hasn’t spoken about the project, which was expected to leak/ release today, November 17th- so far the project hasn’t seen the light of day, however with hope it’ll see the light of day next week.

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T Pain Chops It Up With The Breakfast Club, Blaims Himself For Unpaid Carter III Dues

Mannin’ up is always the goal, but so few actually have the humility to call up and do or say what’s right- in this instance, T Pain can be added to the list of big brass for airing out that it was actually his fault for not getting his Tha Carter III dues sooner.

With the release of T Pain’s new album Oblivion, he’s on the marketing circuit and hit up The Breakfast Club to promote the release of his new album, but also give his take on certain items such as the Birdman/Cash Money Lawsuit that have kept him in the news of late.

Claiming he’s owed over $500,000 in royalties for his work on Tha Carter III album, when asked about it in the interview T Pain actually seemed rather relaxed about the whole affair. T Pain’s Nappy Boy Productions is suing Young Money, but in the end he took the blame on himself for simply not demanding what was owed.

Me, I never pressed for it, I was never like yo where’s that check?” He adds simply,  “I dunno, it’s business man, it’s just happening. I waited long enough.”

Legal documents on behalf of Nappy Boy have already been filed, however T Pain has no idea when he’ll be receiving his cut- in fact he’s not even worried.

I’m still not pressing, I still haven’t talked to my lawyer about it.

The deal is, while he wants his money, he doesn’t want the whole affair to affect his relationships with Birdman or Lil Wayne, valuing their friendship more than up front holding both accountable.

It’s business, it ain’t got nothing to do with me and Bird’s relationship, with me and Wayne’s relationship. It’d be the same thing if the roles were reversed.

Breaking from the heavy stuff, T Pain took the rest of the interview to talk about his “BIG ASS CHAIN” and other shenanigans- apparently Pain regrets the purchase and at one point both melted down the chain, and lost it to boot. It’s all good though, reportedly he just has a load of chains around his house for his family to stumble over.

My wife always hits me, like, hey, I was cleaning up downstairs I found two chains.”

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Kanye West To Handle New Production For G.O.O.D. Music Albums

Long before TLOP and Yeezy’s ever hit the shelf, Kanye West entered the hip hop community as a producer. Before “College Dropput” dropped, Kanye West made a name for himself pioneering such sounds like the “Chipmunk Soul” that can be heard on Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” album.

It’s been a minute since Kanye took time to produce, working more in front of the mic than behind the board, but according to Cyhi The Prynce, Yeezy is about to come back in a big way.

I got a project I’m doing with Ye that’s all produced by him. He’s doing it for every artist on the label,” Cyhi said. “Sean’s got one that will be executive produced by him. Pusha’s next album is strictly produced by him. Teyana’s [album] […] Kid Cudi’s, strictly. He does, like, ten beats a day […] we working on Ye album now, we working on my next one, and that’s about it.

What’s clear is that not only is Kanye back in the game producing albums for big names like Sean and Cudi, but that he’s spreading the love and putting in work for all the G.O.O.D. artists. What’s most exciting is to hear that Ye and Cudi are making music again after Cudi’s fallout.

Cyhi is on the promotional tour right now for his “Dope on Sundays” project which is officially dropping tomorrow- on top of that the rapper told Hall that he’s got several new projects in the pipes for fans down the road in the next 18 months.

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Drizzy Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary Of “Take Care”

Drake’s career has been a metric ton of commercial success the world over, vaulting him to legendary status of today; while Drake has had many critical successes since, many fans believe that his creative highpoint resides with his 2011-full length “Take Care.”

With as many radio hooks as there were points of deep introspection, the set of tracks together is a culmination of musical genius, and part of what has propelled his commercial success thusfar- after all these years, Drake is feeling a bit reminiscent of times past and took time out to celebrate the passing of the 6 year anniversary.

With an official image posted to Drakes IG page, we can see him staring down pensively at a sheet of paper that holds a rough draft of what would become the final tracklist. This rare behind the scenes look at the critical success shows off a noticeably younger Drake, with the rapper sporting a much thinner beard than his current incarnation.

Take Care was a landmark piece, but not just for Drake; T-Minus, The Weeknd, Just Blaze, Boi-1da, T-Minus, Noah “40” Shebibi and more were all involved in the sound of this album, adding their own lyrical genius to the tracks making it strong as possible. The album to date has sold over 4 Million copies, giving career returns to all those involved- the single sales themselves were what really gave Drake a true taste of commercial success.

Views, More Life and other Drake work may have impressive numbers, but Take Care was really the starting point for Drake’s dominance of the decade.

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New BAPE x Adidas Shoe In The Works For NBA All-Star Weekend Release

Bape has reached out to Damian Lillard and Adidas to bring out a special kick to the crowd; the Dame 4 collaboration is rumored to have a release date of this February, during the NBA All-Star Weekend. While official photos of the Bape x Adidas Dame 4 have not been released, some internal rendering have hit the net, giving fans and hopefuls a glimpse of what’s to come.

Official suggestion is that there’ll actually be two different versions of the new shoe, both featuring the classic Bape shark hoodie design, which can be seen highlighted around the Bounce cushioning and midsole.

Now keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that these is what the final product will look like- after all, this is an unofficial rendering. Neither Adidas nor Bape have confirmed the authenticity, however the drop of these shoes are expected in the mid-February time when the best of the best from the NBA invade LA.

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Hangout Festival 2018 Announces Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Lil Pump & More For Lineup

Colder weather invariably means an end to festival season, as outdoor concerts move indoors- while it may be the end for this year, it’s the beginning of when we’ll be hearing about upcoming lineups for 2018.

We regularly start to hear about new lineups around the Jan-May timeline, but Hangout Fest is reminding everyone that from the moment the holiday season is over and the snow melts, party and festival season is back in full force.

Announced today, Hangout Festival announced the lineup for their three day festival slated for May 18 through the 20th which already will see some of the hottest names in hip hop showing up. Hosted along the Gulf Shores Alabama beachfront, the vibe is a vacation feel that incorporates everything from rock and electronic to several of Top Dawg Entertainment’s biggest acts.

Kendrick Lamar will close out the 20th as the headliner for the last day of the festival, with SZA slated to perform the same day. Lil Pump is also set to take the stage on the 20th, while Blackbear and Dej Loaf set to perform on the opening date. Bones, Anderson .Paak, Free Nationals, Logic, NONAME, Cashmere Cat and others are scheduled on May 19th.

While hip hop heads should rejoice at this lineup, Hangout Festival will also see commonplace names like The Chainsmokers and The Killers, the latter of which will be headlining the opening day. Hangout Festival has been growing from its inception, with 2012 winning them the Pollstar Awards “Festival of the Year” award.

Tickets start as low as $259 for 3-day passes, and will go on sale this Friday.

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Drake’s New London OVO Store Opens This Coming Week

Drake fans across the pond can take heart- an official OVO store is officially opening up November 17th, just in time for holiday shopping.

Announcing the news via Instagram, Drizzy made clear the new shop will represent the brands’ boujee yet simplistic styling- the flagship store can be found @ 1C Poland Street in the Soho District, which happens to be the same as the Supreme & palace Store.

On the same day as the store’s opening, OVO central announced the new Ladies fashion line- sheik and sleek, this line features a new look is modeled by Bernice Burgos (among others), wearing a matching tracksuit. Ladies can cop the jumpsuits in black, pink and grey, along with long sleeve t’s, cropped sweatshirts, collards and cardigans are also available for purchase.

Another OVO Drake project is a newly unveiled pair of Jordan’s the OVO x Stone Island x Air Jordan 12’s, unveiled by The Shoe Surgeon in honor of Drake’s 31st birthday.

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This pair was re-crafted repurposing a jacket and denim from Stone Island. Utilizing the ribbing cuffs from the jacket to act as a sock type fit. And keeping the signature badge to button on or off the shoes. The Stone Island materials utilized are some of the most luxurious of textiles we have ever used.