P Diddy Cuts French Montana, Fabolous From Star Studded Photo

Diddy may have developed the moniker “Love” over the years, but as a mogul as big as he’s become, the man has learned to throw some shade. After the 2018 Grammy’s closed, Diddy took to Twitter to unleash a legendary photo of three legendary artists: Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Nas.

What’s jacked is that the photo originally included two other names; French Montana and Fabolous. Diddy posted the photo originally to Twitter with the caption “3 Kings! 3 GREAT FRIENDS! Love you guys. #BlackGreatness”.

Fans were quick to point out that French Montana had posted the same photo on his Instagram feed, albeit with a very noticeable differences.

Stranger still, Diddy and French are actually tight, giving the whole situation a weird vibe. One can almost understand Diddy’s intent with the allure of the three titans standing in his photo. That’s not to say the other two artists aren’t dope on their own- just not the elite tier of Jigga, Kendrick and Nas.

It’s a bit petty, but as long as Diddy is still down with Montana then we can’t see it being that big of an issue. It’s not the first time Puff Daddy has done this either; previously he cropped Kylie and Kendall Jenner out of a “Black Excellence” Met Gala photo!

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DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Steve Aoki Get Custom Limited Belaire Bottle Designs

Where’s the most popular place for hip hop heads to congregate? Clubs of course- vibing to their favorite artists while indulging in some bottle service is as much part of life as laying down tracks. A few of hip hop’s most affluent artists are stepping up their game when it comes to the club experience, with custom Luc Belaire Fantome collection bottles, emblazoned with their own likeness.

Belaire is a staple for all the G’s who want to feel like a high roller, with mad money being dropped in clubs internationally, just to sample some of the fine champagne. DJ Khaled, Rock Ross and DJ Steve Aoki all have custom bottles coming out with their likeness stamped upon them coming to clubs “soon.”

The limited edition updates will of the Rose, Luxe, & Gold label bottles won’t be around forever, so fans will need to grab them quick once they become available. No word on whether the bottles will be like the current Belaire bottles that light up, but you’d have to assume the feature would go on such a collectible bottle.

Ross and Khaled continue to be the face of Florida’s rise in the rap game (also home of some of the dopest clubs the world has seen in Miami), grats to all three men for showing up like no one else in a new way with these new bottles! Whether you’re looking for new hip hop material, or the hottest iced out bracelets online, keep your eyes peeled here, and to Hip Hop Bling for all your iced out jewelry needs.

NBA All-Star Jersey First Look: Reported Images Leaked

Nike had it rough the first year it became the official NBA uniform manufacturer, with lightweight uniforms being ripped to shreds, and Christmas day uniforms being less than festive- seems like they’ve learned from their mistakes, and have turned it up to 11 if the leaked images of the new 2018 All Star jersey are anything to go off of.

The big test will come in February; with the traditional East vs West All Star format, anything is possible; thankfully it looks like Nike decided to keep it calm with a black and white motif this year rather than going all out on some fabulous design.

While the images have not yet officially been revealed, however the player’s team logo will make a front-facing debut with Jordan Brand’s Jumpman logo and the KIA logo on the back.


No word on which teams will wear black jerseys and which will wear white, especially since the 2018 All Star game is being decided by draft vote- decisions are due by the 25th though, so we should know soon. The game itself is going down at the Staples Center in Los Angeles from February 16-18th, starting at 8pm ET, Feb 18th.

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Russell Westbrook Ejected From Game: Carmello Anthony “Done” With Refs

Carmelo Anthony has reached a breaking point with the refs, after what many are calling an unjust ejection of Russell Westbrook.

Carmelo Anthony is finished with the refs if his most recent report is anything to go off of- after the ejection of Russell Westbrook, Anthony’s postgame interview revealed as much. After a 95-88 win over Sacramento, Carmelo made his thoughts known about that evening’s official rulings. In reference to the refs; “I’m done with them.”

Thing is, Westbrook was hit squarely in the face by De’Aaron Fox while going in for a layup and at the time was just one assist away from another triple double- after colliding with Fox, Westbrook fell into Willie Cauley-Stein and fell to the floor with the ball. Referee Matt Boland then whistled Westbrook out for traveling.

Even Sports Center in a tweet thought it was ridiculous- Westbrook rightly argued the call and was awarded two quick T’s, and an early exit from the game. While Westbrook left the arena without speaking to the media, Melo full comment of I’m done with the refs. No disrespect, but I’m done with those guy” accurately speaks for all of us.

What’s more is that Anthony’s comments come just about a month after his original message on how the relationship between players and the refs have changed over time. Check out the quote and clip below, and check out Hip Hop Bling for a set of iced out pendants to rep like Melo and Westbrook when they’re off the court.

The game has changed a lot since I came in 15 years ago — the players and the officials had that dialogue, whether it was good or whether it was bad, there was always a point where they would let you get a little steam off, and then would come to you and say that’s enough, let’s move on,” Anthony said last week. “And now, the trigger is too quick. You look at somebody wrong, you get a technical foul. You say one wrong thing, you get a technical foul. So I think that’s the difference from when I came in — the dialogue and communication and the relationship the players and officials [had] when I first came in and from now is a lot different.

Blake Griffin Puts His Acting Skills On Display In New “The Female Brain” Trailer

Last year Blake Griffin wrapped in his first ever film role- with that on the books, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if his role in “The Female Brain” is the last project we’ll see him in off the court.

The romantic comedy starring Whitney Cummings, Blake, Cecily Strong and Sofia Vergara among others debuted back in June at the LA film festival, however it’s only now that the official trailer has surfaced.

Louann Brizendine’s 2006 book “The Female Brain” is what the movie is based off of, which follows a female scientist as she studies the male & female brain, and how her discoveries come to govern her decision making.

Whitney Cummings both directs the film and serves as the main character (Julia Brizendine) alongside Blake Griffin and fellow cast members; previously Griffin had stared in numerous Kia and Foot Locker ads, however this was his first (of likely many) larger acting role.

While “The Female Brain” debuted back in June, the official theatrical release isn’t slated until February 9th, wherein Clippers fans can watch him for themselves on the big screen. As far as time on the court away from his acting gig, Griffin is averaging 22.8 points, 7.5 rebounds & 5.2 assists in 24 games so far this season.

The Clippers are currently sitting in 9th in the Western conference, but if you can’t wait to see Blake Griffin on the court next, scope out the trailer below for the official first look at his acting chops!

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Russell Simmons To Discontinue His #NotMe Campaign, Taking A Step Back For Women To Speak

More than 13 women have come forward accusing hip hop legend and DEF Jams founder Russell Simmons of sexual assault and rape- at this point, it seems like he may finally be taking a step back.

In an original photo posted to Instagram with the hashtag #NotMe, Simmons detailed in a comment how he would “prove without any doubt” that he was innocent.

First accused by model Keri Claussen Khalighi, Russell took a polygraph test in an effort to prove his innocence- TMZ reported that he passed with flying colors.

Per Page Six, Russell will be stepping back from his #NotMe campaign because it’s “a time for women to speak,” with his only recent posts to Instagram being inspirational quotes such as “God Is Working On Me” and “Everything Is In Divine Order.”

A representative for Russell responded to Page Six’s questions about his silence in the media, to which the rep responded that his “previous statements stand, and he has nothing to add to [them] at this time.”

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Kevin Durant Drops A Cool $3 Million On The University of Texas

Former University of Texas student Kevin Durant has dropped a cool crop of cash on his former institution; $3 Million has been donated by the NBA superstar marking the largest single donation by a former student-athlete.

Giving a nod to KD, $2.5 million of Kevin Durant’s gift will go directly towards Texas basketball; KD will also have his name on the main entrance of the Denton A. Cooley Pavilion, now titled the “Kevin Durant Basketball Center.”

Substantial improvements have already been made to the Cooley Pavilion brought on by KD’s gift; both the men’s and women’s locker rooms have seen renovation, the men’s and women’s practice courts have been resurfaced, a formal office space has been created, new graphics have been installed in the men’s practice areas, and substantial audio improvements are in place.

“My time as a Longhorn helped build the foundation for who I am today as a player and a person, and the UT team will always be my family,” Durant said. “It’s important to me to continue to give back to The University and ensure that future student-athletes have all the opportunities they need to succeed. It’s an honor to have such a close and unique relationship with Texas Basketball, and I’m grateful to be able to contribute.”

“Kevin Durant has an incredibly strong and personal connection with not only our basketball program, but The University of Texas as a whole. Each time I’ve had the opportunity to visit with Kevin, I’ve been impressed with his genuine appreciation for his time, growth and development at Texas,” Texas Men’s Basketball head coach Shaka Smart said. “This gift means a great deal to our entire University, but it’s more of a reflection of how meaningful the relationships that Kevin built while at Texas remain true to this day.”

Big ups to Kevin Durant for his major contribution to UT, even though he was only there for one season. In that time, he averaged 25.8 points, 11.1 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game during the 2006-07 season, winning the Naismith and Wooden awards, as well as the Rupp Trophy. The rest is history; KD declared for the draft and was picked up at No. 2 overall by the Seattle Supersonics.

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Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Saint West’s Pneumonia Hospitalization

For the past several days Kim and Kanye West have been by Saint West’s side in the hospital- today Kim K opened up about the hospitalization over the holidays due to pneumonia. Taking to twitter to release an official statement, much to everyone’s relief Saint is feeling better and is home resting.

Kim gave a wholesome shoutout and love to the doctors and nurses that helped their family during the hospital stay; “My precious baby boy is so strong! After spending three nights in the hospital & seeing my baby get multiple IV’s and hooked up to oxygen machines, our end of year was challenging. Pneumonia is so scary.” Kim wrote with an accompanying photo of Saint.

I just want to thanks every nurse & doctor out there who works so hard around the clock. We are so grateful for you all! He’s home and all better. He’s so resilient I’m sure he will still say the ambulance ride was cool! My strong Saint.


Both parents spent time overnight with Saint while hospitalized from reportedly Tuesday through Saturday. Thankfully, Saint got to spend New Years Eve at home- despite former differences, it appears the power couple is one of the strongest in hip hop besides Beyonce and Jay Z.

We wish the West family well, and are glad Saint is back home and happy. Keep your eyes here for more hip hop news, and keep up with Hip Hop Bling for the hottest selection of new hip hop watches and iced out jewelry for the new year.