Denzel Curry Photo Credit: The Come Up Show

Denzel Curry, FlyLo Team Up For Dope New Banger

So Denzel Curry fans already know Taboo is on the way- maybe a little late, but we trust the Aquarius Killa’s judgement on this one. If he wants more time to perfect the thought and work, we’ll gladly wait for this year’s next sleeper hit with his new project.

In the meantime though, Curry previewed a collab with none other than Flying Lotus; together they produced an eerie old-school banger. In top form, Denzel Curry lays out some lyricism that’s fire, all over some haunting instrumentals.

The night turns to day and my days don’t seem the brightest,” Denzel raps. “It’s like itis always wanna take a bite out what life is, if the President fuck around and piss off ISIS, bury me in [?], jewels and ices.

The lyrics cut out right before he switches over to some flow as smooth as the waves from the Florida rapper’s homestate- it’s likely Curry is saving this one for Taboo, which right now is shaping up to be his strongest project to date.

Recently Denzel Curry hooked up with IDK for “No Wave,” and hooked up in the studio with Dreamwave’s J.I.D. for an as of yet undisclosed collab- right now though Curry is about to embark on the Mad Men tour with A$AP Ferg, & IDK. The Mad Men Tour will hit 33 shows total, hitting cities such as LA, New York, Chicago and more.

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