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Cozz Shares His Story On How He And Kendrick Lamar Hooked Up For “Effected”

Opening up on XXL, Cozz brought up some real talk about how the massively popular lyricist Kendrick Lamar came to be on his “Hustla’s Story.” Cozz revealed in the talk that he was able to keep his cool on the chance meeting with Kendrick, and apparently he made the right impression; asking Kendrick to join him in the studio, Cozz’s gumption caused the two to link up on the second track on the new LP.

The story of how it all happens is unreal- it all starts when Cozz leaves the studio, starts walking out and sees a car with tinted windows approaching him. Out of nowhere, suddenly Kendrick Lamar. Cozz had met Kendrick once before, but here Kendrick rolls down the windows and greats him by name, which is solid by itself.

After a bit of light conversation, Cozz invites him back to the studio for a listen- after a trip to the store for munchies and about an hour, sure enough Kendrick Lamar shows up at the studio. Going through a bunch of tracks, Kendrick comes back to the first one and they end up recording a hook and refrain on the spot.

That’s some Disney magic right there, Cozz’s Effected came out this week and is available for listen. Check out the story below, and check out Hip Hop Bling for the hottest hip hop bracelets and jewelry online.

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