2 Chainz Photo Credit: The Come Up Show

2 Chainz Reportedly Dropped Over A Million On “Rap Or Go To The League” Blimp

2 Chainz is no stranger to the world of lavish living, the man’s laid down in a $150,000 bed made entirely of horse hair, has enjoyed the world’s most expensive edibles with Tommy Chong and Hannibel Buress, and has eaten popcorn that was literally coated in gold.

The man’s no stranger to living the high life.

At the end of the day, if the man spends more money on a blimp rental than most people spend on their houses, it should be no surprise right? In what has to be perhaps the best blimp promotion to date, 2 Chainz promoted his upcoming Rap Or Go To The League via blimp.

Soaring over Los Angeles  during the NBA All-Star weekend, the blimp was truly a wonder to behold as it soared majestically with Tity Boi’s newest album title. To make it even better, 2 Chainz put up for the special glow in the dark option.

TMZ caught up with  Chainz at the airport and was able to coerce some details out about the blimp stunt- when asked just how much he dropped on the promotion, Chainz responded “A milli.” While it may have cost him, just how many can claim their next project took to the skies?

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