Get the Real Diamond Watches made by Joe Rodeo for Low Prices at Hip Hop Bling

Joe Rodeo is the epitome of Hip Hop Jewelry as they are the number one choice for hip hop artists and celebrities, but you don’t have to pay the same prices they do for these high class watches. Shopping anywhere besides Hip Hop Bling means that you are paying too much else you are paying too much. As a proud Authorized Distributor, we sell incredibly affordable, high quality watches from Joe Rodeo New York. Hip Hop Bling always strives to provide the best products for the lowest price and we did it with real diamonds.

Hip Hop Bling has a wide range of genuine diamond watches from Joe Rodeo New York. Super Techno watches by Joe Rodeo are some of the nicest watches you can by and one of the most popular here at Hip Hop Bling. If you want something a little flashy but sporty, these are the best watches you can get for this price, hands down. The Super Techno Genuine .10ct Watch with Diamonds Black Watch is a great example of the products we offer at Hip Hop Bling. You will save 86% off the retail price by buying it with us.

If you want to get even more bang for your buck, Jojino is the watch for you. Jojino focuses on top end Italian watch designs and gives you the quality and feel of a watch that costs over $1000. They are made with 316L solid stainless steel and therefore won’t fade or chip like fake watches. They have genuine Japanese movements and genuine diamonds around the bezel. Jojino watches sell for double our prices in jewelry stores, but because we buy direct from the source, we can cut out the high expenses like rent and salesperson commission. The Black Jojino .18ct Diamond Watch comes with a custom CZ Band and a savings of 87% off the retail price. This is one of the most gorgeous and durable watches with a comfortable fit and smooth movements.


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