Hip Hop Bling’s Chains are the Number One Hip Hop Jewelry for the Baller on a Budget

Hip Hop Jewelry is a status symbol for many rappers, the better your bling the more of a baller you are. This is why it is so crucial for all of Hip Hop Bling’s Chains to look and feel like the real deal. We offer the heaviest and most durable chains both online and in kiosks at the malls. Yet our chains are comfortable enough to wear all night long so you don’t have to cut the party short. Only you will know that you paid so little and that’s just because you have the receipt.

Jumbo Miami Cuban Chain
Jumbo Miami Cuban Chain


Hip Hop Bling also has the largest selection of varieties of chains including the always popular Figaro Chains and Curb Chains and the flashiest of the flashy Premium CZ Chains and Four Row Iced Out Chains. Choose from our classic chains for a clean and modest look, or go all out with our iced out chains.

Oftentimes, these chains can be priced at hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but at Hip Hop Bling, you won’t see a price tag that high in any of our chain categories. Local jewelry stores have to keep raising their prices due to the rise in gold and silver prices, but we provide the same look at Hip Hop Bling for a fraction of the cost. Our classic hip hop chains are made with quality and care. Each are plated with thick coats of pure silver or 24k gold and hand polished for a mirror like shine.

When a little bling just isn't enough. This MEGA Bling chain will light up any room.
When a little bling just isn’t enough. This MEGA Bling chain will light up any room.

Hip hop chains are consistently top selling products at Hip Hop Bling because they are always in, everyone wants, practically needs a nice chain. The struggle is finding the right chain for you and that is where Hip Hop Bling comes in. Chains like our gold stainless steel chains have a very heavy and solid feeling because stainless steel is a very heavy and durable metal that makes a good base for gold plating. You can get quality, long lasting gold plating that looks and feels real at an amazing price with our IP gold plated stainless steel necklaces. For amazing value, come to Hip Hop Bling.


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