Featured on Hip Hop Bling is the Extravagant Custom Made Chief Keef Blood Money Face Pendant

Hip Hop Bling would like to feature a Limited Edition version of the Custom Made chief Keef Inspired Blood Money Face Pendant. The pendant itself features a rounded face design with stones set at all angles. The raised eyebrows and lips add extra details to this stunning customized look. The fully detailed piece is made with the quality that you can only expect from a custom jeweler. The piece is wrapped in thick 18k gold to look and feel real and stay extra shiny. These are not just custom, but rare as only a few were made. These will go quickly so hurry and call today.


Hip Hop Bling also features iced out hundreds of simulated diamonds all prong set at all angles and dipped in rhodium to give this pendant the extremely desired platinum look at a fraction of the cost.


Chief Keef began finding success in his music career while under house arrest, as his music videos were discovered by Kanye West. In his early years he released two mixtapes called The Glory Road and Bang and Back from the Dead in 2011. By the Summer of 2012 Chief Keef was the prize in a bidding war between many labels including Young Jeezy’s CTE World. On October 21, 2014 Keef was dropped by Interscope Records, but confirmed through Twitter that every project was to be released as scheduled. Finally, on April 24, 2015 Keef announced that his next album would be titled The Cozart and it should be released soon.

Hip Hop Bling has thousands of different styles of jewelry all for very low prices and yet made with high quality materials so as not to look and feel fake, or brake. Our company has been around for over a decade offering the finest products to consumers and hip hop related retailers across the globe. We have grown from a small room during the 90s to a 6000 sqft warehouse and satellite offices throughout the U.S. It is our sole purpose to find the best jewelry in the world and sell it at the lowest possible prices without compromising service.

Chief Keef Style Gold Blood Money Bling Pendant
Chief Keef Style Gold Blood Money Bling Pendant

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