Azealia Banks Breaks Down In Tears After Wendy Williams Accuses Her Of Selling Sex For Money

Azealia Banks is as polarizing a figure as Eminem’s latest album Revival; whether you love her or hate her, whenever her name pops up in the stream you almost want to grab a bag of popcorn when reading what controversy she’s embroiled in now. The latest headline is from Wendy Williams though, a figure whom in more recent times has earned more hate than Lil Pump.

The latest headline is from Wendy Williams though, a figure whom in more recent times has earned more hate than Lil Pump. Jumping on the bandwagon of an easy target, Wendy jumped into the drama making a lewd suggestion on Bank’s own promiscuity;

If you’re wore out at 26 and you’ve got no kids, now we understand how she gets her money.

“She works hard for her money.”

Banks caught word of William’s comments and asked her 480K Instagram followersIn what world is this okay.” continuing, “This is a whole new low.. I’m legitimately in tears. This hurts the type of shit that becomes acceptable to say to Azealia banks is nuts.

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Russel Wilson’s New Nike Zoom Train Command Now Available

Nike and Russel Wilson’s latest collaboration is out, the Zoom Train Command RW training shoe is now available for purchase. This special edition of the Zoom Train Command features RW’s logo on the tongue, heel tab and a special cheetah printed insole as a nod to the kind of animal Russel Wilson aims to be.

Direct from Nike, the Zoom Train Command provides some serious locked down support and the special Zoom Air cushion for increased responsiveness during your training regimes- check out come of the benefits below.


  • Abrasion-resistant textile and synthetic construction for durable containment

  • Flywire cables integrate with the laces to provide a locked-down feel

  • Inner sleeve construction delivers sock-like comfort

  • Nike Zoom Air and foam cushioning is responsive and lightweight

  • TPU midfoot wrap enhances stability

  • Rubber tread for durable grip

Retailing for only $120, the kicks are available today, coming in a smooth look for whatever training workout you’re looking to pick up.

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Floyd Mayweather Isn’t Backing Down From His “All Lives Matter” Comments

Floyd Mayweather backs down for no man, and it would appear he’s not backing down from his “All lives matter” statement he made during an interview with Tha Boxing Voice.

Floyd actually surprised many of his fans with his approach to the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movement;

I’m here to say all lives matter. You know, a lot of times, we get stuck, and we are followers. When you hear one person say ‘Black lives matter,’ or ‘Blue lives matter,’ all lives matter.

It’s rare to ever find T.I. too far from controversy, and the veteran rapper piped up with a pointed rant, one voice among many others who voiced concerns.

During a vacation through Thailand Floyd doubled down on his “All Lives Matter” comment after a fan approached him on it- it seemed though Mayweather was genuinely confused as to why peeps were making a deal out of it, and summarized his thoughts as follows.

I got a lot of scrutiny when everybody was like, ‘Oh yeah, Floyd said all lives matter.’ I don’t give a fuck what nobody say. I live my life the way I fucking want to live my life. I say what the fuck I want to say. I ain’t no fucking follower. And I’ll say it again: All lives matter. At the end of the day, right here, this is one of my best friends. This is one of my best friends right here. So at the end of the day, he’s Filipino. At the end of the day, I look at him like a brother. So his life matter to me, just like everybody on here. Y’all life matter to me, too. It’s all love. Everybody life matter. Everybody mean something. 

A lot of times we say, ‘Black lives matter, black lives matter,’ but at the end of the day, in the hood, blacks is shooting blacks. I’m saying—nobody should be killing nobody. I just want peace. Me myself, I want peace. I think everybody should have peace. All around the world, we should have peace.

My thing is this: There’s good cops out there, just like there’s bad cops out there. At the end of the day, it’s all about following rules and regulations. That’s on both ends—for people in this world and for the cops. I know the cops got a job to do, but the cops’ job ain’t to be shooting motherfuckers, either. But also, when the cops tell a motherfucker to get out the car, just follow rules and regulations. All you got to do is follow rules. Don’t question a motherfucker. When they pull me over, when they ask for my registration, my license, my insurance, I just hand them this. [busts out a Mayweather-worthy money wad] I’m fucking with y’all. I’m popping shit.

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Report: Daughter Blue Ivy Is Whom Saved Jay Z And Beyonce’s Marriage

Between Beyonce’s mega-success Lemonade album and Jay Z’s 4:44, it’s no secret that hip hop’s hottest power couple have had some marital strife- especially in concerns to Mr. Carter’s infidelity during their marriage. While these struggles would have broken other couples, People Magazine is reporting that the two are growing stronger, and moving forward together- thanks much in part to their daughter Blue Ivy.

A contact close to the situation reported that while the scandalous rumors that forever changed the couple’s world, the two icons still love eachother. The Road to Recovery took tremendous work and effort from both Bey and Jay;

It took Beyoncé a long time to trust again. She was struggling to move on and forgive. But keeping her family together was very important.

If it’s wasn’t for Blue Ivy, they might not be together,” the contact added. “It took them years to get to the point where they are now.

With the birth of twins Sir and Rumi, it’s clear that the two are healing and making their family a much greater part of their lives, in this case by growing their existing one. Jay however may be in the mood to making amends on a grander scale; in recent concerts and interviews, Mr. Carter has extended the proverbial olive branch to Kanye West, giving hopes that the two will soon reunite for more music. There’s still “genuine love” between the rappers, and time will tell if we’ll see them on stage again.

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Chance The Rapper Gives An Early Christmas Gift To 300 Chicago Youth

Chance The Rapper has been known in recent times as one of the most charitable emcee’s in the game, and he’s made it his mission statement to improve the lives of seemingly each and every youth in Chicago- giving them all “a Chance” if you will.

From OpenMike events to direct school donations, Chance has been making a direct impact in a big way to kids across the city- in his most recent OpenMike event, Chance brought out an early Christmas for 300 lucky youth.

Partnering with Nike, Chance and the brand came through, bringing the kids in attendance Retro Jordan 11’s, which retail for $220 each. OpenMike’s were originally started in honor of Chance’s mentor Mike Hawkins- to this day the events takes place every year on the anniversary of his death.

Adding to the love, Chance recently announced a $1M donation to his New Chance: Arts & Literature Fund program, taking an active step to enact tangible change within the city’s schools.

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Sad News, “Taboo” Isn’t Dropping This Year Says Denzel Curry

While Denzel Curry has had a good year, besides EP 13, for fans there hasn’t been much- with the promise of Taboo on the horizon, fans had something to look forward to before the end of the year. ‘

Unfortunately, at this point it doesn’t look like fans will be getting even that. Denzel Curry hopped on Twitter today to confirm that his forthcoming Taboo project would not be dropping by the end of this month.

The Carol City rapper confirmed that his forthcoming project wouldn’t be dropping, but didn’t confirm any real timeline either- “Update taboo is not dropping this month,” he wrote, “You can’t rush art if I give y’all it when it’s not perfect y’all be quick to call it trash so wait.

While Curry has been dropping hints all month, just it looks like he found it necessary to reel in the hype a bit- fair’s fair.

And I said U SZN is Approaching I never said it was here… You’ll know when it’s coming,

Scope the full Twitter train below, besides work in the studio, Denzel Curry is working on a new comic book, titled “Black Metal Terrorist.”

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The Atlanta Falcons Barely Hold Off The Seahawks In Big Monday Night Football Win

Last night the Atlanta Falcons barely held off the Seattle Seahawks in a big Monday Night Football win- in a stunning last minute field goal attempt, the Seahakws kicker Blair Walsh missed a 52 yard field goal, that would have taken the game into overtime.

Many viewed this as a rematch from last year’s division playoff game- hosted in Seattle, Matt Ryan and the Falcons started off strong, taking a commanding 14-0 lead over the Seahawks, but eventually gave up their lead as Russell Wilson battled back.

Before the half the Falcons had a chance to extend their lead and forgo having the potential to tie late game with a field goal when the score was 24-21; instead Pete Carroll decided to go for a fake field goal, but was shut down.

It would have been a really good call if we would have made it,” Carroll said. “It was a terrific opportunity, right where we wanted it. The defensive tackle made a better play. He wasn’t supposed to be there.

The Seahawks have had a rough go at it this season with a roster that’s been filled with injuries- taking advantage of that, Matt Ryan put up the most points the Falcons have seen in any game all season. Completing 19 of 27 passes, Ryan put up 195 yards, two touchdowns, five scores on eight possessions and a total of zero interceptions. Russell Wilson on the other hand straight up put the Seahawks on his back and carried the offense for 252 yards thrown and 2 touchdowns with 1 interception.

Wilson also took the ball into his own hands, rushing for 86 yards and 1 touchdown- the Seahawks may have lost, but those who have Russell Wilson on their Fantasy Football team certainly pulled in a big W. Jimmy Graham caught 7 passes for 58 yards and one TD, while Doug Baldwin took up 40 yards and a late game TD.

With :07 seconds left, the Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh missed a 52 yard field goal that would have sent the teams into overtime- with the loss, the Seahawks are dropped into the group of teams hunting for a playoff position, while the Falcons are catapulted up to the #6 spot in the playoff rankings.

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Rihanna Is The New Look Of Vogue Paris, Ending 2017 On Top

From a success standpoint, Rihanna could not have asked for a better 2017; from the debut of her breaking Fenty beauty line, the impressive numbers of her PUMA Fenty collection, the beautiful Comme des Garçons Met Gala style, her stunning Vogue Arabia cover and her bold Paper Magazine cover, Rihanna has been on #FIRE.

With even more introductions this coming year, it seems there’s nothing in the fashion world Rihanna can’t cover- so of course it only makes sense she’d grace the covers of Vogue Paris in a 3 cover special edition.

“She’s one of the most emblematic artists of the early 21st century,” Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief says in the December 2017/January 2018 issue “She’s moved more than 200 million records of her hybrid R&B, dance, rock and reggae-flavored music, provided sartorial surprises from glammed-up streetwear to reworked classics and is driven by an unparalleled desire to succeed. Stamped with her trademark bold body art, Rihanna cuts an unusual figure in the celebrity Hall of Fame.”

The official magazine will hit stands December 1st. Rihanna will furthermore be the host of the Met Gala next year, with the theme of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” with Amal Clooney, Donatella Versace and Anna Wintour joining her as hosts.

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Snoop Dogg And YG Go In On Donald Trump After Ball Family Controversy

YG and Snoop Dogg went in on Donald Trump over his weekend’s controversial tweet concerning the Ball family- after throwing LiAngelo Ball to the proverbial wolves, Donald Trump aimed a tweet at LaVar Ball;

Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!

In his dwindling base of supporters, many found this to be just a bit petty; soon after Trump turned his social ire towards Marshawn Lynch, calling for him to be sat for at minimum the rest of the season over his recent kneeling during the National Anthem.

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump’s remarks have rustled the jimmies of many across the nation, however two West Coast vets, Snoop Dogg and YG spoke up and shouted out the big man for his remarks; in fact, YG even said Trump got “played” by LaVar Ball.

While YG who dropped “Fuck Donald Trump” last year went for a more brief comment, Snoop Dogg went in with a video TMZ picked upWe’ll let you view the video and get your own takeaway, the pure passionate profanity Snoop drops is better heard than read. The below quote gives you a glimpse though;

LaVar Ball good lookin’ out. I wouldn’t have thanked that motherfucka either…’should have left them in jail,’ what kind of n***a is you, man?

LaVar Ball is scheduled to appear on CNN this evening to address Trump’s comments and the whole affair. Check out Snoop’s comments through the video below, and check out Hip Hop Bling, the premier provider of high quality hip hop jewelry online for your next iced out watch piece.

Eminem And Chance The Rapper Show Up For SNL Promo Prior To Tomorrow Night’s Show

Chance the Rapper, Eminem and Leslie Jones came forward for an SNL promo video prior to tomorrow night’s show that’s already promising to be a must see for hip hop fans. Chance the Rapper will be hosting the show whereas Eminem will be performing two tracks off of his upcoming new album Revival.

Em’s newest track to air “Walk on Water” came out to mixed reviews; the track features Beyonce but has a more melodic tone than many are used to from the lyricist emcee. Taking an introspective look at Eminem’s most recent work, the piece is self-critical, and were it not for the harder hook at the end, one might think the entire album was the same tone.

The promotional clip for tomorrow night’s much anticipated SNL show features three different segments- the first part had Leslie Jones playing a game of telephone with Eminem that left Chance the Rapper in the middle.

Yo Chance, ask Em why he won’t battle me,” she asks. After Chance passes the message, Em simply responds, “Because she’ll win.

Later on Eminem feigns confusion over Chance the Rapper’s name, as Eminem is the musical guest for the evening, which leads to a hilarious back and forth between him and Leslie Jones to come up with a new name for Chance. Among the better names were Chancer the Dancer, Chance the Hotty, Chance the Poet and Chance Encounter- it doesn’t appear Chance is in the market for a name change any time soon though.

Eminem is expected to perform Walk on Water in tomorrow’s SNL show, however he’ll also premier a brand new song off the project that has primarily been built off of speculation. Eminem hasn’t spoken about the project, which was expected to leak/ release today, November 17th- so far the project hasn’t seen the light of day, however with hope it’ll see the light of day next week.

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