Family Comes First For Nicki Minaj, Who’s Taking Her Brother’s Back In The Child Rape Case

Nicki Minaj has shown strong loyalty in the past, and when it comes to family, the star is no different- as she preps to serve as the star witness in a child sex abuse trial against her brother, Nicki stands by her brother Jelani Maraj lawyer’s statement that the case is merely an extortion scheme.

The accuser, Jacqueline Robinson is the mother of the little girl, and reportedly told Nicki Minaj that she could just make the charges “go away for $25 million.” I mean the language seems pretty clear there, but from Page Six, Robinson claimed that Maraj and her daughter had married at the age of 11, with the little girl telling authorities that her stepfather was raping her up to four times a week.

All of this is nasty business- Assistant District Attorney Emma Slain told jurors that the young girls brother whom was 8 at the time reported to authorities the abuse. Authorities obtained a warrant and searched the house, by which they found Maraj’s DNA all over the girl’s pajama’s.

Maraj and his lawyer are claiming that this is all a complete fabrication, and that Robinson purposely put his DNA on the pajamas to be discovered by the authorities.

Why would [Jacqueline] lie and force her children to lie? I can give you 25 million reasons why,” David Schwartz, Jelani Maraj’s lawyer told the courtroom. “Jackie became obsessed with Nicki Minaj — getting her hands on her money.” He added, “an evil Jackie targeted [Jelani]. Trying to get him to marry her, and then just four months after they were married, we have this.

Nicki posted his $100,000 bail and has consistently supported her brother throughout this entire affair. If Nicki and her brother win this case, the internet may just owe Jelani the biggest public apology ever.

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“BulletProof” Vest Being Sold By Young Dolph As Merch

Young Dolph’s “Thinking Out Loud” album drops tomorrow- with three singles already available for listen, it’s possible this may just be his strongest project yet.

Believe Me,” “Drippy” and “While U Here,” are available for listen- all in all Young Dolph has come out of his shooting ordeal better than ever before with a new creative take on his music, with his new lease on life leading to more provoking music than ever before.

While Young Dolph’s creativity has thusfar been expressed from behind a mic, like many lyricists out there Dolph has taken the steps into the fashion world, but with an interesting twist. Not satisfied for small fare like stickers and posters, Dolph went for the big ticket item of a “BULLETPROOF” flak jacket.

Be told, the jacket itself is not actually bulletproof, the MOLLE plates are sold separately- you’ll still end up with a dope jacket to rep like a BA, with places to keep your piece, wallet, or items of value. Should you decide to grab the “Bulletproof” vest, buyers also receive a copy of Thinking Out Loud.

Top marks to Dolph and his marketing team for thinking outside of the box on this- you can also find your regular selection of hoodies, clothing and bandanas to keep you sated should a vest not match your wardrobe.

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Post-Surgery Update From Gordon Hayward’s Agent Confirms What Many Expected

With Gordon Hayward leaving the court early in the game and a close loss to the Cavs, the Boston Celtics have had a difficult run of it- it turns out the challenges keep on coming with some expected news from Gordon Haywards agent.

The All-Star player is unlikely to be returning this season after a dislocated left ankle and fractured tibia took him out of the game, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Per ESPN Hayward’s agent Bartelstein said “We expect him to make a full recovery and return to his All-Star form” 

Hayward taped a message to Celtics fans from his hospital bed and layed out an inspiring message while he was laid up after surgery- the message played on the video board from the TD Garden last night.

What’s up, everybody? I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has kept me in their thoughts and prayers,” Hayward said. “I’m going to be all right. It’s hurting me that I can’t be there for the home opener; I want nothing more just to be with my teammates and walk out onto that floor tonight. I’ll be supporting you guys from here. I wish you the best of luck. Kill it tonight.

Many throughout the league have voiced their support for Gordon Hayward following the nasty injury, and Kobe Bryant himself sent out an inspirational Gram on the difficult journey that Hayward would overcome in the time to come.

Brad Stevens, Celtics head coach provided the following statement;

I was [at the hospital] for a minute last night and also again today for an hour or so. He’s down,” Stevens said. “Obviously, there’s a physical pain to it, but I think it’s also doubled by the emotional pain of, you know, he put a lot of effort into trying to start this, his career, out well in Boston.”

But this is a setback; we’re expecting a full recovery. And we know there are going to be a lot of tough days ahead on that recovery but, at the same time, hopefully he’ll improve day to day. But it’s been tough. It’s been tough for him.

Godspeed Hayward, across the league we all look forward to another competitor taking the court again.

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Metro Boomin Throws Shade On Atlantic Records, Laying Truth For All The New Producers Trying To Make It In The Biz

No matter what label you’re with, artists have always had issues with whom they report to- after all, labels do have an effect on the direction their artist’s careers go. Earlier today Metro Boomin’ put out the word against Atlantic records, warning all new aspiring producers that if you sign with them for the money, they may “steal your soul.”

Originally his comments weren’t clarified as to whom they were aimed at, or even his whole experience with Atlantic as a whole, but later on he cleared up his comments were towards Warner’s Artist Publishing Group exec Mike Caren.

Metro Boomin’ warned of the Warner’s group taking advantage of “hungry artists/producers/writers who put their whole life into their music.

APG is just evil.

At the time Boomin’ was just 19 and excited to get his shot at the market. He detailed how they flew him to LA and he was all stoked for a deal; “I let APG fly me to LA when I was 19. It was something I was of course excited about beforehand but day by day saw how full of [shit] they were.”

After Boomin’ let the word be known, several others came forward with the own stories of general shenanigans brought forth by the label- Mike Will Made It responded with his own tweet saying “Factual , Caron looked 2012 Mike Will in the eyes after hearing my whole catalog and said you don’t have ANY hits but we can help u wit that.

Straight up, if you’re an up and coming artist, don’t just jump- weigh in before you sell your sole. Scope the twitter tirade below, and scope dope diamond hip hop watches for sale from Hip Hop Bling

Frank Ocean Beats $14.5M Libel Case From Father

Earlier this year Frank Ocean was on the end of a defamation case- not about his music but on a family matter of all things. Calvin Cooksey, Frank Ocean’s Father, was the head of the lawsuit after Frank posted to Tumblr a recollection of how his father used homophobic language when he was a child.

Frank’s father filed the $14.5M lawsuit claiming that the defamation had cost him his “future financial opportunities in film and music.”


News broke today that Frank Ocean thankfully beat the libel lawsuit brought on him by his dad in a report by Law360; the judge in the case sided with Ocean after a daylong trial, further stating that Cooksey failed to prove that his son had defamed him in the 2016 Tumblr post where Cooksey allegedly used a homophobic slur against a transgender waitress.

Stephen V. Wilson, US District Judge in the case stated that the ruling was based on Cooksey’s failure to bring the required proof in making his defamation claim, rather than the truthfulness of the original statement- word to the wise, when you lawyer up, make sure you’ve got the paperwork to back it.

In a statement with Pitchfork Frank’s lawyer Keith Bremmer confirmed the ruling;

“It was a super sad case” Bremner told them, “I am sorry that my client had to go through this and am glad that we could bring closure.”

The original quote which sparked this entire debate is below:

I was six years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a faggot as he dragged me out a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty. That was the last afternoon I saw my father and the first time I heard that word, I think, although it wouldn’t shock me if it wasn’t.

We hope Frank Ocean is able to avoid future libel lawsuits as scurrilous as this one.

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Kobe Bryant Sends Motivational Message to Gordon Hayward “Be Sad. Be Mad.”

Across the league and beyond players and fans are reacting to the intense fracture Gordon Hayward suffered during Tuesday Night’s matchup between the Celtics and the Cavs. Now Kobe Bryant can be added to that list, after posting an inspirational message on Instagram.

The 27-year old all-star had just signed a $128 Million contract with the Celtics in July, and suffered both a dislocated left ankle and fractured tibia within the first few minutes of his season debut.

Kobe is perhaps in one of the best positions to understand Hayward’s position- back in the end of the 2013 season, Kobe Bryant suffered an Achilles tear, and underwent a brutal rehabilitation, just to be able to get back on the court for a couple more seasons.

The road ahead may look extremely daunting for Hayward, but Kobe knows- there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Be sad. Be mad. Be frustrated. Scream. Cry. Sulk. When you wake up you will think it was just a nightmare only to realize it’s all too real. You will be angry and wish for the day back, the game back THAT play back. But reality gives nothing back and nor should you.

Time to move on and focus on doing everything in your power to prepare for surgery, ask all the questions to be sure you understand fully the procedure so that you may visualize it in your subconscious while being operated on and better the chance of it’s success.

It’s a long journey but if you focus on the mini milestones along the way you will find beauty in the struggle of doing simple things that prior to this injury were taken for granted.

You will be so appreciative of being able to stand, walk, run that you will train harder than you ever have. You see the belief within you grow with each mini milestone and you will come back a better player for it. Best of luck to you on this journey my brother #mambamentality always.

Head over to Kobe Bryant’s IG post here and show some love- the man certainly knows how to motivate.

#Mambamentality, always.

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Birdman & Toni Braxton Marriage Rumors Put Off By Singer’s Rep

There have been whispers for more than a solid minute that Birdman had tied the knot with Toni Braxton, but the singer’s representative has come out with a resounding denial- the whispers are just rumors.

In a Us Weekly report, the songstress’ rep confirmed that Braxton is dating, but didn’t shed really any light beyond that- even if the 50 year old R&B legend is dating the head of Cash Money Records head Birdman. For the moment the man is still a mystery, not matter how much fans and critics alike wish to believe.

In the interview the rep instead began to turn the attention towards Braxton’s music and away from her personal life, with mention of a new song titled “Deadwood” from her upcoming “Sex and Cigarettes” project- expect the album to drop in early 2018.

Multiple outlets such as Jasmine Brand have already reported the couple had been secretly wed, even as early as last summer. Ever since Birdman appeared with Braxton onstage at her show in Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, the internet has been abuzz with dating rumors between the two.

According to those close to Braxton, they say the relationship may have been a long time in coming; “Toni been knowing him… 15 years ago something like that,” Evelyn Braxton stated in 2016. “Ever since I’ve been knowing that man, he’s been phenomenal. So let me say, I hope so.

While there haven’t been any solid confirmations one way or another, there have been signs to suggest the two have been dating- the moment Braxton was hospitalized with Lupus last year, Birdman rushed to her side- while that isn’t 100% confirmation, it at very least confirms the two are close.

More often than late Birdman has been in the news for more Lil Wayne controversy, with Rick Ross airing him out over not paying Wayne for completed work. “It just ran across my mind,” Rick Ross said Snapchat video. “I said, ‘damn, I wonder if Birdman paid that man yet? […] Man, that man sold a million his first week. God damn, what a n***a gotta do to get his money?”

What indeed.

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Gordon Haywood Fractures Tibia In Celtics Debut

In a potentially season ending debut, Gordon Hayward left the court last night on a stretcher, a little more than 5 minutes into his Celtic debut game. After going up for an alley-oop pass, Wayward impacted with LeBron James and crumpled as he hit the ground awkwardly.

Initially players from both sides kept their distance as doctors tended to Hayward- after all, they saw a nasty break and sportsmanship takes the upper hand in these instances. Eventually Celtics players, Cav players and specifically LeBron approached to check on Hayward’s condition.

The Celtics lost last night’s game, 102-99; Brad Stevens stated in the after-report that Hayward had dislocated his left ankle and completely fractured his tibia. Gordon Hayward would be flying back home with the team, and then taken directly to New England Baptist Hospital upon landing. Hayward’s surgery is planned for today (Wednesday).

You hurt for him. He’s put in a lot of great work. And I thought he had his most comfortable week as far as feeling like he was going to play really well,” Stevens said after the game. “But now we’ll hopefully get a full recovery, right? And so it’s a tough deal, but I guess that’s part of it, the risk of injury. I really feel for him.”

The utter shock of the twisted leg could almost be felt by both teams- Dwayne Wade buried his head in his hands while Irving was consoled by Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum. Hayward’s leg was completely immobilized in a massive cast after it was reset on the court- he received a standing ovation from the crowd as he was taken off the court.

Players from across the league have been reacting on social media in response to the horrific injury, showing their support for their fallen comrade- while they may represent different teams, on the court they’re all equals, and seeing one of the best of them fall is difficult to bear for any player.

We wish Gordon Haywood a speedy recovery- while it looks like this injury will sideline Hayward for the season, we hold out hope that he’ll be back on the court before the end of the season.
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Terry Crews Details His Own Sexual Assault Hollywood Encounter After Harvey Weinstein Scandal Breaks

With the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood scandal making headlines, more and more actresses are coming out with stories of their own sexual harassment encounters; one actor so far as well.

In light of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, he was fired from the studio he helped build by none other than his brother in a unanimous vote by the board of directors. The company is looking to rebrand, and has since released a statement about the firing which People presented;

“In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company — Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar — have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,”

What’s perhaps the most heartbreaking is those that Harvey Weinstein affected by his behavior, including his wife Georgia Chapman and 2 children.

My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions. I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time,

Both Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow came forward with their own stories of sexual assault by Weinstein, Paltrow claiming that at the time “I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified,” per the New York Times.

Sexual assault in Hollywood isn’t just limited to women however, as Terry Crews said in a string of twitter messages, this whole affair is giving him PTSD from his own unwanted encounter.

Terry Crews claimed an unnamed Hollywood exec came up and groped his privates right in front of his wife, and was about to “kick his ass,” but took a step back and took a moment to think about the consequences of his actions

“‘240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho’ would be the headline the next day.”

In the end, Crews decision was the correct one, however he never felt as though he could come forward due to being ostracized within the industry, losing potential accreditation and acting positions if he were to reveal the extent of th allegations.

Terry Crews speaks from a position of power; with any luck an independent investigation into the Hollywood decorum will take place as it has in the UK, routing further cases of actresses and actors being molested.

Do the right thing, and report any sexual assault cases you know of; often times the victim does not come forward for the exact reasons Terry Crews mentioned.

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Hip Hop Reacts To Eminem’s Massive Rip On Donald Trump

Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Colin Kaepernick are weighing in on Eminem’s legendary flow that dropped on last night’s BET awards.With a new album in the works that may be dropping soon, Em’s cypher last night may very well give us insight into what his next album may hold.

In a fierce 4-minute freestyle, Em straight up attacked Donald Trump and gave words to mouths across the nation that had been shut in contempt- years later his verse “’Cause we need a little controversy, cause it feels so empty without me” continues to ring true.

Right after the freestyle aired, voices from around the industry lit the internet up with praise for the Detroit rapper, ranging from J.Cole to Mack Maine and more- while J.Cole thanked Em, T.Pain straight up said we need to “protect Eminem at all costs.”

Old dawgs like Snoop Dogg jumped on Instagram to give a shoutout to Eminem “for saying some real shit.” Snoop Dogg went on to say “Eminem, I always knew you was a real ni**a. We totally know you a real ni**a now…Eminem, real motherfuckin’ ni**a, so says Snoop Dogg.

It wasn’t just faces in hip hop that were dropping praise for Eminem- athletes such as Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James weighed in on Em’s verses, with Kaepernick appreciating the shoutout and King James lovin’ the Fantastic 4 line.

Eminem’s freestyle is being referred to as “The Storm;” fitting if that really is the theme of his new album. While not much to anything is known about the new album, the rapper who made his name as an upstart “white boy” in the industry may soon be bringing the fire again to MC’s and politicians alike.

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